It all started during my pregnancy. I first had an awareness about the food industry. “Do not eat anything” has become a goal, paying attention where my food come from and what it is made of. I do not want to eat bad foods and my feeling have been reinforced little by little ans especially when I got pregnant.

Later, After what I ate, I became sensitive to what I was wearing. And I must say that “The True Cost” documentary was a shock ! it reveals facts like

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world!
More than 80 billion clothes every year in the world

And we discover about the real impact of this production on workers and the environment:

Chemicals in clothing that have an impact on our skin, such as endocrine disruptors which we hear more and more (Source ARTE)

Since I have done my best

To consume intelligently by becoming aware of the implications. But deeper within me, something has changed – in addition to becoming a mom. I felt the need to do more. I need to become an actor (even infinitely small) of change.

For me,  ethically and responsibly entrepreneurship, has become a real necessity. A conviction.

I want to believe that it is possible to switch to a society of “consump-action” and “to economic models reinvented”.

So yes, maybe I would never see this change in my life, but all at a beginning, and I believe that something is already happening. I want to participate and put my stone in the building.