It has never been easier to buy clothes these days! How many times have I pronounced it every morning standing in front of my full dressing room. As paradoxical as it sounds, we have nothing to wear. An Anglo-Saxon study showed that in 80% of cases we only put 20% of our wardrobe and 30% of our clothes have not been worn for more than 1 year, which represents a financial waste of 600 euros on average per person and per year (not to mention the waste and the impact of the clothing sector on our environment).

However you change x times, you hesitate, you change again, you are now late! 😉 You end up with an overall outfit sometimes not too bad but without knowing what is wrong.

Ethical Fashion STEP 1: Moving towards more intelligent shopping

Christina Cordula and her famous “ma cherie” (means “darling”) is now well known to all French women. We now understand that to feel good about yourself, you should put your assets forward and subtly dress what you don’t like.

You may be wondering what personal styling is doing in my sustainable fashion approach. In fact, I think it is a good start for smarter and perhaps more responsible shopping. I don’t really want to throw away my old wardrobe just because it is not bio and ethic: it would be contrary to an anti-waste philosophy. Maybe, I could give it or have it recycled. But it concerns more my next purchases, in order not to repeat the same mistakes!

So I decided to tackle this evil at its roots. Personal styling finally is a good answer to know better yourself and get a judicious wardrobe, easy to coordinate and reflecting your person.

Indeed, understanding and knowing his shapes, colors and style is a good starting point for creating an ideal wardrobe. Who has not dreamed about it? This wardrobe composed of beautiful timeless and elegant pieces that sublimate your silhouette.

Ethical Fashion STEP 2 : Clarify your style to shop differently

As your style, your image is unique. Like anything drived by the visual, your image is governed by your colors, your morphology, your style but also by your own clothing needs considering your way of life. And one last component, that make the difference, is the drape and the quality of your fabric and accessories you wearing. Probably a subject for a next article …

It is actually getting to know better yourself in terms of image, to better love you, to learn to define your needs and to clarify your objectives. It is finally what will make it possible to choose clothes that last, in a way of sustainable fashion  to buy less but better!

Your style

Style is impalpable, and belongs to the psychological and the emotional side. Find your style is linked to yourself. You are unique. Your personality define all choices you make in clothing.

Your dressing style, such as a second skin is an extension of your person and an incarnation of your identity. So your style is meant to merge your image and your person.

Style is often a matter of introspection, your deep life value. You may wonder what you want to reveal about ourselves to other, about our tastes and what message we want to share. Finally, express it through choices of colors, shapes and dressing style, fabrics, accessories or makeup and haircut.

Your shape

To know your shape, you can stand up in front of your mirror by wearing underwear, and joining the feet. From there, the hardest thing (finally for me, I do not know if this is the case for you too?) It is to be completely honest with yourself on the body shape.

The most common forms of body are : X, V, A, 8, H and not forgetting O.

You will look at your shoulders, your bust, your waist and your hips. Here is an article to determine your shape. If you really can not get there, you can send me a picture using the contact form on the site and I will be happy to help you. Sometimes it helps to get an “external” view. If you know your silhouette, you can now look at adapted outfits on the internet. You will easily highlight your assets !

Your colors

It is about finding which colors best match your natural colors determined by your skin, your hair, your skin… Personal styling coach generally practice a color diagnosis with the scarf test for example. This test allows you to determine which colors suit you best. For this, the client is dressed in a white blouse and we put color scarves around her neck to observe her face.


When you find your best colors, it give the feeling to illuminate your face and it just make you shine! Do you believe that 🙂

Your lifestyle

Shopping, I see it as a leisure time when I do not ask questions. But it is true that taking into account its way of life and our clothing needs before a shopping session, can make the difference. think about your needs in terms of pieces, for example, skirt, t-shirt, or pants, etc., and for what moments of life: work, evening, weekends, holidays, etc you need it.

In one week you will take on successive and different roles that drive your mind, your behavior and the way you want to be seen! From the business woman to the mother, or to the passionate runner. If you quickly  list on 2 weeks all the different activities you can do: business activities, sport, run, shopping, traveling, going out with friends, family, hobbies, cooking, TV evening, walk. Without even wanting to dress for every occasion, every moment occupies an obvious part of your time and we can begin to clarify our needs and the importance of these, including approximate percentages for each of our activities.

Ethical Fashion STEP 3 : “LESS IS MORE …”

Woman shopping clothes. Shopper looking at clothing indoors in store. Big data in stores

Driving by your colors, silouhette, style, and you invest in outfits rather than in isolated pieces and apply the same idea in all your shopping, including accessories, you will soon realize by contemplating your dressing room that you are certain to be able to wear these outfits but to make multiple use of the various pieces constituting it. And this will happen most naturally in the world!

In my opinion, how to do more with less “less is more” … Ethic fashion is first of all is the art of properly managing his wardrobe and finally with few pieces make incredible combinations.

Credits: Pinterest Source: WRAP study June 2016

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