7 tips on mastering “SALE”

The sales period appeared in the 19th century. Originally they were used to reduce stocks by selling the previous collections at lower prices. Today, consumers are looking for good deals and low prices. And finally, between sales, special discount and private sale, 43% of our clothes are bought on discount along the year: almost the majority! So we is this sales period still means something?

Especially today, Brands perfectly manage their supplies and have very little inventory at the sales period. But as today, the consumer buys mostly at a reduced price, they know very well that their turnover depends on it. This is why we should pay attention to unscrupulous practices such as rising prices before the sales period, or collections produced especially for this period…

For my part, I am in a minimalist approach and, as I explained in another article, knowing its morphology helps avoid shopping mistakes. It is usually these mistakes that explain why half of our dressing room does nothing than collecting dust! In fact, knowing my needs and my morphology allowed me to divide my purchases by 3!

In this article, I’d like to share tips that will allow you to determine what you want to buy, and take advantage of this sales period to complete your wardrobe, avoiding compulsive purchases at most.

The must would be to find the right model and buy it at the same place season after season. I find it not so easy! When you look at the current offer, you see that they are gambling on continuous renew and not on master permanent pieces!

To facilitate the inventory, which can quickly become tedious or discouraging, I decided to adopt the concept of capsule wardrobe starting with the winter season. In few words, the idea is to have a wardrobe composed with few pieces, timeless and easy to associate.


A wardrobe composed with few pieces, timeless and easy to associate.

You quickly realize that with few pieces you can make about thirty outfits. And you can also have a larger budget for each piece and choose quality. My next article will talk about how to build this famous capsule wardrobe.

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